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Single Sided Vintage Chocolate Molds

Vintage Chocolate Molds pictured below are single sided,
perfect for making chalkware and beeswax ornaments, chocolates and lollipops

Size indicated is the size of mold, not the figure made from the mold.

(RM012) Standing Lamb 4 1/8 in, $29

(RM014)Walking Old Hare 5in, $35

(RM015) 4" Bunny Rabbit sold
(RM016) 2" Bunny $19

(RM017)Running Rabbit, 5", $21

(RM018) Begging Bunny, 4 3/4 in, $20

(RM019)Rabbit with Walking stick, 4", $20
(chalkware in pict not included)

(RM020)Leaping Rabbit , 4 1/2", $20

(RM021)Rabbit in Egg, 4", $20

(RM022)Bunny/Rocking Horse, 4 in, sold

(RM023)Rooster 5in,$20;
(RM024) Hen on Nest 3in $20

(RM025) Puss n' Boots
2 3/4 inches $20

RM030 Sitting Cat, 4 3/4,$20
(RM028) Kitten on Egg, 2 1/2 in $20

(RM026) 6 Pug Puppies
5 1/2 in wide,
On ebay

(RM027)Rabbit on Dog ,
7" Post Card Mold - sold -
available as plastic mold

Daisy, Leaf and Rose, 2 3/4- 3 1/2"
(RM029) Daisy mold available: $20.00


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Antique Chocolate molds

Antique Chocolate Molds"

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All Orders for vintage antique Chocolate molds are placed and confirmed via email. Just email the list of what you would like to order and I will email you with confirmation and payment information.

Bittersweet House offers a large selection of antique chocolate molds, vintage chocolate molds, tin candy molds that are wonderful for making your own chocolates, chalkware and beeswax figures. The antique chocolate molds are mainly from Germany, some are from German manufacturers Anton Reiche (Dresden Germany), Heris and Walter. RM012 Antique lamb, sheep chocolate mold, Antique Rabbit Chocolate Mold, Hiking Bunny Rabbit antique chocolate mold, Cat antique candy mold