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Reproduction Plastic Chocolate Molds
for Making your own Chalkware, Paper Mache and Chocolates

The Chocolate Molds are double sided plastic chocolate molds and make a 3D figure, unless otherwise described. Most of the chocolate molds are reproductions of very rare Anton Reiche chocolate molds with excellent detail. The size indicated refers to the finished piece crafted from the mold. All chocolate molds are brand new, FDA approved and safe for making chocolates. These chocolate molds are perfect for chalkware (plaster of paris), beeswax and paper mache.

During the switch over to heavy grade/confectionery quality plastic, some molds are still hobby grade plastic unless it is marked "heavy duty plastic". The Heavy Duty plastic molds will be open bottom molds unless you specifically request closed bottom special order.
Please email requests to to confirm your order.

Please Click on Images for Enlargements


 Rabbit Chocolate mold e178
#E500; Pack Rabbit;
9 1/4", $30
In Stock

Rabbit Chocolate mold
#E501; Rabbit with Eggs
9", $30
In Stock

Rabbit Chocolate mold
#E502; Rabbit with Basket;
4", $15
photo of back
In Stock

Rabbit Chocolate mold
#E503; Thumper Rabbit
3", $15
In Stock

Running Rabbit Chocolate mold 100g
#E34; Running Rabbit;
6 1/4", $20
In Stock

Easter Rabbit  chocolate moldEaster Rabbit  chocolate mold
#E160; Dog in Egg
3 3/4", $45.00
Heavy duty, Open Bottom

Easter Rabbit  chocolate mold
#E132; Bunny Rabbit pulling Cart
6 1/4", $69.00
Special order
Heavy duty, Open Bottom


Easter Rabbit  chocolate mold
#E123; Rabbits Holding Egg
8 1/2" x 6", $79.00
Special order
Heavy duty, Open Bottom

Easter Rabbit  chocolate mold
#E138; Rabbit with Cornucopia
7 1/2" x 6", $69.00
Special Order
Heavy duty, Open Bottom

Easter Rabbit  chocolate mold
#E159; Rabbit with Dog
5 3/4" wide, $69.00

Heavy duty, Open Bottom

Easter Rabbit  chocolate mold
#E301; Rabbit in Egg
4 1/2" $45.00
Special order
Heavy duty, Open Bottom

sitting rabbit chocolate mold 2C
#E371; 6" Sitting Rabbit
Heavy Duty Plastic/open bottom

Easter Rabbit  chocolate mold
#E570; Mother Rabbit
4 1/2" - $10.00
Hobby Grade 2 Cavity Mold
2 left

Plastic Bunny   chocolate mold
#E620; Bunny Rabbit
5 1/4 " , $10.00

Farmer Rabbit #E012
#E012 Rabbit w/Cart
5 3/8"; $65
Heavy Duty, open bottom

chocolate mold bunny with cart 25A
#E103, Rabbit & cart, 4.6"
Heavy Duty, $55

Rabbit on Mushroom chocolate mold
#E513; Rabbit on Mushroom, 7 1/2"
Heavy Duty $75

 Rabbit chocolate mold
#E370; Sitting Rabbit
7" tall $20.00
Hobby grade

Rabbit in basket chocolate mold 20a
#E231; Bunny in Basket
3 5/8", $50
Heavy Duty 2 cavity
makes 2 figures

 Rabbit with Egg chocolate mold
#E105; Rabbit with Egg
5 1/4 inches, $50
heavy duty mold

 Rabbit  chocolate mold
#E214; Rabbit with Basket
8 1/4" $20.00
in stock

Standing Lamb E07
#E07; Mold makes 2 Lambs,
3" x 2 3/4" $10.00
In Stock

 Chick  chocolate mold
#E217; Chick with Bonnet
4 3/4" $10.00
1 left

Chick Chocolate Mold
#E05; Mold makes 2 Chicks;
each measures 3 1/2"; $10.00
In Stock

Rooster pulling rabbit cart chocolate mold 140
#E224; Rabbit Pulling Cart
4 3/4" x 2 5/8",
Heavy Duty Plastic $65

Plastic Rabbit in egg chocolate mold

#E431; Bunny in Egg
6 inches, $10.00
In Stock

Plastic Fuzzy Easter Bunny chocolate mold
#E460; Fuzzy Bunny
4 1/2" $10
In stock, 1 left


bunny with basket
#E1345; Rabbit with Basket
9" tall, $89
heavy duty, open bottom
As shown on Martha Stewart
Click here

Grandpa Rabbit Chocolate mold 126
#E242; Rabbit Carries Basket
Heavy duty/open bottom
9 1/4", $89
As shown on Martha Stewart
Click here

Chick in Egg Chocolate Mold
#E58; Duck in Egg
4", $10,

Mother Rabbit with Eggs
#E54; Mother Rabbit w/Eggs
5 inches, $10.00

Rabbit with Victorian Basket Chocolate Mold 137
#E106; 6" Victorian Rabbit
New Heavy Duty Plastic $55
Special order

 Rabbit on Stump with Pack of Eggs Chocolate mold
#E267; 4 1/4"
Heavy Duty plastic $69

Children Peeking over fence chocolate mold
#E4208; 6";
In Stock, only 1 left

Rabbit with Umbrella chocolate mold
#E240, Rabbit with Umbrella
5 7/8" $55.00;
Heavy duty

#E2150; $20.00
7 1/4 X 5 1/2

Mother Rabbit with Baby Carriage chocolate mold 48
#E226; Mother Rabbit with Baby Carriage
5 7/8";
heavy duty plastic

Crouching Rabbit Chocolate Mold for chalkware 12a / 12b

#E71; 7 3/4", $55, In stock

Hen on Nest
#E203; Hen on Nest
6 inches $20.00;


Cow Chocolate Mold
#E333; approx 5",
Hobby Grade - $15

Bunny hiking with chick, #356

#E356; 4 1/2"; $75
Heavy Duty /Open bottom
special order

Girl With Bunny Rabbit chocolate mold
#E195; Girl & Bunny, 7"
Heavy Duty plastic, $85
special order

#E595; 4 1/4";


Plastic Bunny house  chocolate mold
#E208; Bunny House
6 1/4 " x 4 1/4",

Bunnies In Boat 367
#E102; 5"x 2 3/8";
Heavy Duty Plastic $69

#E052; 5"X 6"
heavy duty plastic, $69
special order

Rabbit on Rooster chocolate mold 51
#E445; Rabbit on Rooster
5" x 5" - $75.00,
Heavy Duty


 Rabbit Chocolate Mold with Egg Cart  BORDER=
#E282; 5 1/2" wide, $55.00
Heavy Duty
open bottom

Dancing Bunnies Chocolate Mold for making chalkware
#E239; Dancing Bunnies
6 1/2" x 4 5/8";
Heavy duty plastic $90

Standing Lamb, #E596; 4 1/4";
in stock

chocolate mold bunny with wheelbarrow chocolate mold
#E797, Rabbit with Wheelbarrow
, 3 1/2",


Rabbit Leaping chocolate mold 24
#E235;Leaping Rabbit
2 5/8" x 2 3/8";
Heavy Duty Plastic $49

Lamb, #96
#E96; 3";
$10.00 In stock

Rabbit pulling Chick in Cart Chocolate Mold
#E269, Rabbit and Cart 4";
Heavy Duty Plastic $55

Rabbit  Chocolate Mold
Rabbit with Basket #E810;
Figure 7.75",
Heavy Duty Open bottom $65

Single Sided Plastic Postcard Chocolate Molds.
Reproduction of Anton Reiche ( Dresden, Germany) antique chocolate molds. To see detailed image
from the Anton Reiche Mold catalog
click on the image.

Bunnies painting eggs chocolate Mold
#E039 6 1/2" x 3 3/8", $15

Rabbit on Dog
#E036 6 1/2" x 3 3/8" , $15
In stock

Lamb with Girl
#E038 6 1/2" x 3 3/8", $21
In stock


bunny marching band
#E035 6 1/2" x 3 3/8" $21.00
In stock

Girl with Rabbit
#E037; 6 1/2" x 3 3/8", $40
Heavy duty plastic
special order

Bunnies in school
#E040 8" x 4 1/8" $40
Heavy Duty Plastic

Sitting Ram
#E205; Sitting Lamb
5 1/8"
Heavy Duty Plastic $85

Ornament Bunny Rabbit Chocolate Mold
#E466; $30.00
figures are 2 1/2"
Mold makes 4 of each style
Single side, flat, ornament style mold
Special order

Plastic chick with Egg chocolate mold 151a
#E1426; 4 5/8",
heavy duty $50

Girl with Cat Chocolate Mold 228B 2 cavity with Tommyboy

Little Girl with Cat
#E335; approx 4"


Anton Reiche Chocolate Mold Bride and Groom
#E01 Set of Bunny Bride and Groom Chocolate Molds
6 1/8" & 6 5/8"
Heavy Duty Open bottom $150
For pic of Groom Click here
For Pic of Bride Click here

Rabbit with apron
#E85 Rabbit with Apron
5 1/8"
Heavy Duty Plastic

Rooster pulling chick chocolate mold 142
#E144; Rooster and Chick Cart 3 3/4"
Heavy Duty Plastic $50

rabbit with paw on basket chocolate mold border=
#E013; 6 1/2" Rabbit Chocolate mold
Heavy Duty Plastic, $60


Bunny Family with Basket, 104
#E31; 8" x 6";
heavy duty, open bottom $75

Rabbit With  Carrot #268
#E268; 4 1/4"
Mold Makes 2 Figures
Heavy Duty/open bottom, $75

Rabbit in Dress
#E439; 7 1/2"
Heavy Duty Plastic $90

Rabbit Spanking Bunny
#E054; Rabbit Spanks bunny
6 5/8", Heavy Duty
Special order,


Bavarian Rabbits
#E1872; $89.00; click to see mold photo
#E1871; $89.00 click to see mold photo
Heavy duty
7 inches, special order

Love Birds, 108B
#E262; 9 1/4 iches
Special order only,
Heavy Duty Plastic, Open Bottom, $85

Rabbit Family on Motorcycle Anton Reiche chocolate mold;
#E41; Rabbit Family on Motorcycle
5 1/2" x 5 1/2",
special order
Heavy Duty plastic- $85

Rabbit Family Chocolate Mold
#E75; 2 5/8" x 3"; $30.00
click to see mold
Mold makes 6 figures
Single side, flat, ornament style mold
special order


Rabbit cart chocolate mold 141
#E143; Rabbit Pulling Cart
7 inches,
Heavy Duty Plastic, $60

#E147; 5" tall, 2 cavity mold
Mr. and Mrs Rabbit
Click to view Mr Rabbit

Click here to view Mrs Rabbit

New Heavy Duty mold is 2 cavity
Making both rabbits, $80

#E800; 5.5"
Heavy Duty special order $60

Rabbit couple #55
#E511; 6 3/8"
Heavy duty, open bottom
Special order; $75


#E597; 9.5"; $85
Heavy Duty, Special order

Pig Chocolate Mold
E182; 4 5/8" wide

  Chocolate Mold chick in egg
E032; single cavity mold
Heavy Duty Plastic, $65

#E020; 6 3/8";
Heavy Duty
open bottom


Egg House chocolate mold 170a or 170b a 4.5inch mold
#E101; Egg House
3 1/4",
repro of A. Reiche Mold
Click for pic of metal mold
Heavy duty $55

#E230; 4.5"
Heavy Duty $75

#E492; 7 3/4"
Heavy Duty $95

#E4660; 21" x 9",
volume: 6 pounds chocolate
Heavy Duty
open bottom


E851; 11.5"
Heavy Duty /open bottom
Click image to see metal version
Plastic mold is repro of metal mold

#E448; 6 1/8"X 6"
Heavy Duty plastic $75

Chick pulling Rabbit in egg Cart candy mold
#E223, Chick and Rabbit Cart
5 inches;
Heavy Duty Plastic $85

#E048; 6" wide;
Heavy Duty
open bottom


Pig Standing in Flowers
Heavy Duty
open bottom
Special Order

3 little pigs
#E901; 6"; $19.00

Sitting Pig
#E902; 6"; $19.00

Single Sided Plastic Chocolate Molds.
The molds shown below are reproductions of rare Anton Reiche (Dresden, Germany) antique chocolate molds.
Photos are from an antique Anton Reiche Chocolate Mold catalog.
Click images to see large photo of the mold

#E426; Figures measure ~2";
Click Image for photo of Actual Mold.

#E428; Figures measure ~2";
Click Image for photo of Actual Mold.
Special Order- Heavy Duty Plastic $30

#E429; Figures measure ~2";
Click Image for photo of Actual Mold.
Special Order- Heavy Duty Plastic $30

#E413; Figures measure ~ 2";
Click Image for photo of Actual Mold.
Special Order- Heavy Duty Plastic $30

#E412: Figures measure ~2"; $30.00
Click Image for photo of Actual chocolate Mold.

Please contact me at to place an order
for plastic chocolate Molds,
answer any questions,or if you'd like more
information about any of the molds.
We offer a large selection of plastic chocolate molds that are a reproduction of very rare, vintage and antique metal tin German chocolate molds made by manufacturers including Anton Reiche, Heris, and Walter in Germany; Letang in France and Eppelsheimer in the USA. Plastic chocolate molds based on these wonderful antique chocolate molds are wonderful to use for making your own paper mache, papier mache easter rabbits, Santas, lambs and paper mache candy containers.



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