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Plastic Christmas, Santa and Belsnickle Chocolate Molds

Highly detailed reproductions, in plastic, of antique German chocolate molds. Each chocolate mold is double sided, made of hobby grade plastic, with closed bottom unless otherwise specified. All chocolate molds are new, FDA approved, safe for making chocolates and are perfect for hand crafting your own chalkware/ paper mache or beeswax figures.
Size indicated refers to finished piece
Please email requests to to confirm if molds are still in stock.
Click on Images for Enlargements.

#C23; Santa in Sleigh
Heavy Duty Open Bottom
6": $50.00

#C24; Postcard Santa Scene
Heavy Duty Plaque Mold
7": $50.00 In stock

#C27; Rudolph in Wreath
Heavy Duty Ornament/Plaque
4": $25.00

#C307; Santa Claus, Hobby Grade
6 3/8": $30.00 In stock
7 3/4" : 35.00 In stock

#C339; Belsnickle Santa,
Heavy Duty/Open bottom
3 Cavity, 4 3/4" tall

Santa with Reindeer Chocolate Mold
#C312, Santa with Reindeer
Heavy Duty, Open Bottom
6" : $67.00

C1751, 2 sided Snowman Mold
6" Hobby Grade

#C701; Santa Claus,
Hobby Grade, Closed bottom
3 1/2": $29.00 In stock

Belsnickle Chocolate Mold
#C100; Belsnickle Santa; ~8"
Heavy Duty, Open Bottom

Belsnickle Chocolate Mold
#C526; Belsnickle Santa; 6 1/8"
Heavy Duty, Open Bottom

#C795; Belsnickle Santa, 6 1/4"
Heavy Duty, Open bottom, $65.00

Santa on Sleigh Chocolate Mold
#C1517; Santa on Sleigh,
5 1/2" wide, $55

#C129; Santa Claus
Hobby Grade, Closed bottom
3 1/2": $25.00 In stock

Hiking Santa Chocolate Mold
#C530; Hiking Santa, 5"
Heavy Duty, Open bottom,

old Fashioned Santa Chocolate Mould
#C177; 4 3/4"
Hobby Grade, Closed bottom
$15.00, in stock

#C548; Angels,
4 1/2" x 3" single side, ornament
$15.00 : In stock

Santa wih Toy Bag Chocolate Mold
#C304; Santa & Toy Bag, 6"
Hobby Grade, Closed bottom
in stock

C1751, 2 sided Snowman Mold

6" x 3"
Hobby Grade
$45.00, one left

Christmas Tree Chocolate Mold
#C104, Evergreen Christmas Tree, 5 2/3"

Christmas Tree Chocolate Mold
#C103, Christmas Tree with Star, 4"

Christmas Tree Chocolate Mold
#C1300 Christmas Tree, 5 3/4";
$55.00, Special Order

#C302; Angel Ornament
Single Side, 6"
$15.00 :

 Snowman Chocolate Mold
#C1340, Snowman 3.7" tall
Mold Makes 2 Snowmen
, $45.00
in stock

 Snowman Chocolate Mold
#C1306, Snowman 6"
, $55.00

C726, 2 sided Snowman Mold

3 3/8" x 2" 3/4"
$35, in stock

Old World Belsnickle Santa Chocolate Mold
#C101, Belsnickle Santa Chocolate Mold
8 1/2" tall,

#C102, 1-sided, Santa & Reindeer Round Postcard Style
5 1/2" diameter, $15
In Stock
Click here to view Chocolate poured from the mold


Please contact me to place an order, answer any questions, or if you'd like more information about any of the chocolate molds.
we offer a large selection of chocolate molds that are highly detailed reproductions of antique chocolate molds made in Germany, France and the USA. Each Santa chocolate mold is a high quality, heavy grade plastic that is perfect if you are the folk artist and want wonderful molds for making your own chalkware / plaster of paris figures, papier mache candy containers or beeswax figures / candles. There is every attention to detail and each chocolate mold faithfully reproduce these wonderful Anton Reiche chocolate molds at a fraction of the cost.
We offer some wonderful German Santa antique chocolate molds that are great for hand crafting your own Folk art paper mache /papier mache Santa figures. The vintage chocolate molds can also be used for making chalkware Santas for gift giving or paper mache Santas for selling at craft shows. The plastic chocolate molds are reproductions of vintage Gurley candle molds, Anton Reiche antique chocolate molds and Eppelsheimer chocolate molds. Use your imagination and hand craft your own Christmas Santa chalkware and paper mache using these highly detailed Santa chocolate molds.



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