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Double Molds

Chocolate Mold Santa with Reindeer, Double sided mold, 4 3/4 wide
cat# CM001; Vintage Santa & Reindeer
Double sided mold, 4 3/4" wide, Sold

Thos Nast Santa Chocolate Mold
cat# CM002; American Santa Chocolate Mold,
measures 7" tall; sold

Christmas Tree, double sided mold,~6 in
cat# CM003; Vintage Christmas Tree
measures ~6 in; $65.00

Santa Claus, double sided stainless mold, ~5
cat# CM004; Santa Claus, stainless mold,
measures ~5" sold

cat# CM005; Vintage Belsnickle Santa
measures 9 7/8" x 5",

Belsnickle Santa, double sided mold, 4 3/4 inches tall
cat# CM006; Belsnickle Santa,
measures 4 3/4", sold

Chocolate Mold Beautiful Turkey ~4-5 in,
2 Side Chocolate Mold Beautiful Turkey
measures ~4-5" , $65

George Studdy Bonzo the Dog Chocolate Mold
cat# CM007; Bonzo the Dog

Single Sided Molds

Santa with Reindeer 6 1/2 inches
cat# CM008;Santa with Reindeer $48.00
6 1/2 inches : click on image for larger view

Santa & toy bag, 3 1/2 Standing Santa 3", " BORDER="0">
Santa & toy bag, 3 1/2" - Sold
Standing Santa 3", $19

Santa Head, 2 1/2 inches $5;  Santa Face 3 1/2 inches, 
Santa Head, 2 1/2" $10
Santa Face 3 1/2", Sold

Christmas Postcard mold,
Antique Santa on Sleigh Postcard Mold, Sold

 Little Belsnickle Santa, 3in, $14
Little Belsnickle Santa, 3in, sold
Christmas Tree, $10

Santa Chocolate Mold,   Wreath BORDER=
Santa,2", $10;
Wreath, 2", $7

To see a large selection of
European reproduction Plastic Santa Chocolate molds Click here

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