Miniature "Twelve Days of Christmas" Beeswax Santas

Measure 2 1/2" - 3 3/4", $10.00 each
I now have a complete set of 12 miniature santas (German belsnickles, Santa on Donkey, Thos Nast Santa, Pere Noel). If you are interested in purchasing the complete set of 12- $89.00.

Bring a touch of old world tradition into your home for the holidays with these wonderful European Beeswax Santa figures. These wonderful Santas are handcrafted using all-natural, sweet-smelling, golden beeswax and an antique German chocolate mold.

The art of molding and carving wax into holiday treasures is a centuries old German tradition. German bakers first created beeswax ornaments using wooden cookie molds; and, many museums in Europe still display wax ornaments which are well over 300 years old.

Bittersweet House Folk Art continues this charming tradition using 100% pure, natural beeswax and antique chocolate molds, offering handcrafted treasures that will last a lifetime. Detailed care instructions are included with every purchase. Naturally infused with the sweet smell of honey, beeswax figures are a reflection of their original makers, the bees.
  • 10 flowers contain 1 drop of nectar
  • 1 bee can carry 1 drop of nectar
  • 10 drops of nectar yield 1 drop of honey
  • 10 drops of honey equals 1 drop of wax
  • 1000 flowers yield 1 drop of beeswax
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